Brightway Microfinance Bank

MT Olive Nigeria Limited has controlling shares in Brightway Microfinance Bank. This is basically to bridge the liquidity/finance gap faced by some of our esteemed customers and partners that require accessible financial leverage for profitable and sustainable growth.   
Brightway Microfinance Bank began operations on the 15th of May 2014 at No 17, New Market Road Baboko, Ilorin, Kwara State.   
The bank is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria and offers a variety of banking products, which include;  
1. Individual Current Account
2. Corporate Current Account
3. Savings Account
4. Daily Savings
5. Trade Support
6. Commodity Support Scheme 
The bank has established a growing relationship of over 3,500 customers ranging from traders, artisans, government workers, private business owners, student, club members, co-operative societies within Ilorin Metropolis. 
Brightway Microfinance Bank uses robust and reliable banking application software for operations and our services support Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, POS and ATM. The bank has in place an expansion plan to provide excellent service for all customers at any level.   

The bank intends to increase her share capital with the Central Bank of Nigeria to enable the opening of other branches within and outside Kwara State. This will facilitate improvement in service delivery and efficiency as part of our agenda to be industry leaders, thereby maximizing profits for our esteemed shareholders.  
MT Olive Nigeria Limited is confident that the multiplier effects of these investments will open bountiful employment opportunities for our youths to be productively engaged and responsible for themselves, their families and the nation as a whole. We hope that you will buy into this vision as we walk the talk for the benefit of all of us.
"Let us work together to build an enduring, reliable and successful relationship"