Dangote Group


Dangote Flour is every bakers’ delight, delivering outstanding loaves to millions of Nigerians. Dangote Flour is enriched with Vitamin A and made from high quality wheat sourced both locally and internationally. It is indeed the quality flour for the hands of the True masters.

It is available in different variants and packaged in various sizes to suit all baking needs ranging from a large scale bakery with a capacity of 5,000 loaves a day, to a mother flipping pancakes in her kitchen.

Tastic Range

Dangote Flour Mills launched Tastic range into the Nigerian market in 2015. The range comprises of Spaghetti, Macaroni, Semolina & Whole Wheat Meal.

Tastic is the Perfect Meal Partner. It’s the perfect complement to delicious sauces, soups and vegetable dishes and  the perfect helper to Mom in the kitchen. Tastic cooks perfectly every time. Tastic is a range of superior quality staples – produced to international standards. The products are made from the best quality of wheat, such as durum in Pasta

Seasoning Salt

Our flagship product is the Dangote table salt (Dangote Salt): this is a finely refined product for home/domestic use. In line with ICCID, Dangote refined salt is Iodized (using iodide) to promote good health by reducing the chances/risks of iodine deficiency. Dangote salt is refined from the finest quality sea-salts.

This product is also suitable for domestic backing.

It is available in retails packs of 250g, 500g, and 1KG sachets

Noodles & Pasta

The new Dangote Pasta range has just been rolled out to the market with very positive consumer feedback. It has improved product performance with the inclusion of premium quality durum wheat into its recipe.

The cooking performance and nutritional value of Dangote Pasta has been greatly enhanced with the inclusion of Durum wheat to deliver improved functional benefits: less starch, non- sticky, separate strands, resulting in great tasting meals and enjoyable mealtimes.


Dangote Sugar’s leading position in the Nigerian Sugar Industry is driven by our 1.44MT/PA refining capacity with warehouses strategically located across the country to serve our target markets. Our operations are supported by a fleet of over 400 haulage trucks for delivery of products.

Dangote Sugar is the major supplier of refined sugar to consumers and industrial markets in Nigeria, and strategically positioned to serve the regional markets through exports of its finished products