With a daily wheat grinding capacity of 8,000 metric tonnes, FMN controls one of the largest flour milling complexes in the world. The superior quality Golden Penny Flour, is available is different variants and has delighted millions all over Nigeria and beyond. Packaged in various sizes, it is distributed as Nigeria’s number one flour for baking.


Semovita need very little introduction. Trademarks of good living, they score very high points across cultures and tribes that have now owned them.

Impulse Foods

A subsidiary of FMN, Golden Penny has become a trusted brand in Nigeria and with over five decades of providing quality products. FMN has transferred this knowledge to produce a great range of high-quality impulse foods for your delight.

Noodles & Pasta

​Operators of the first pasta plant in Nigeria we have remained the number one choice for superior quality pasta products and services in the region. Keen on identifying and satisfying emerging consumer needs, we parade a wide range of nutritious and aesthetic variety for all.


With about ten thousands hectares of sugarcane plantation and one of the most advanced refineries in the world, FMN has boosted the local production of the sweetest of the nation’s staple food.

Vegetable Oil

A subsidiary of FMN, Golden Penny produces high-quality oils, margarine and spread for delicious cooking, frying and an overall healthy eating experience. Carefully processed and purified from high-quality raw materials, golden penny oil and spread is good for the heart. It also meets the market demand for hygiene, nutrition, and other health concerns.