Mt Olive Quarry

Mt Olive Quarry a fully functional venture located at Km 14 Off Eyenkorin-Ballah Road Asa LGA Kwara State.
Mt Olive Quarry - the largest quarry in Kwara state located in Ballah/ Eyenkorin, with the capacity to produce 2.5 Metric tons/hour of high quality granite of different aggregates and stone dust
Mt Olive Quarry is also in the final stage of acquiring a complete ultra- modern Asphalt plant situated on about 23 hectares of land with Certificate of Ownership on the landed property. Asphalt is a major material used for road construction and other construction projects like waterproofing, roof sealing, adhesive and concrete jobs. We intend to produce an efficient synergy by operating a Quarry plant and Asphalt plant in the same location to create constructive symbiosis (real value) in the building and construction industry and boost profitability. The road construction project is a critical area that attracts the attention of government because of the relevance of road construction and transport to economic development.   
The distinguishing features of our Asphalt production plant are the combination of high technology innovations, creativity management experience, sales and distribution experience and exceptional customer service. What sets us apart in particular is the decision to establish the Asphalt plant as a forward integration to our Quarry plant. This involves using some finished products of the Quarry as a feeder and major raw material for the Asphalt plant, thereby reducing the overhead cost of production significantly and consequently reducing the selling price. This will lead to increased patronage, greater value added and make us compete favorably and profitably in the market.